Will I get that highly designed, glossy look with LVP?

Yes, LVP, which stands for luxury vinyl plank, is available in both matte and gloss finishes. With it, you can have that glossy wooden floor appearance that you see in all the design magazines at a fraction of the cost.

Savon Flooring has been servicing San Diego County for over 13 years, and one of our top sellers is LVP. We've been keeping our ear to the ground, and we're finding that LVP is appearing in some of the more high-end homes and all a variety of spaces, from the living and dining areas to the bedroom.

That means it is budget-friendly, but not just an economy product to be used only for the kitchen and bath.

We're a major LVP flooring retailer, and we work with projects of all sizes.

Come in to see our LVP store within our showroom in San Diego County. We're located right next to the Mohnackey Animal Hospital on CA-78.

What is LVP?

It’s luxury vinyl flooring cut into planks to mimic wood. Vinyl is cut into strips and mounted on boards to resemble the real thing. The image layer is created with high definition photography, so you can see every knot, raised grain and swirl in the photograph.

Embossing adds texturing that gives in additional depth and dimension Your floor can look hand-scraped, wire-brushed, antiqued or distressed.

While either LVP or LVT (tile) can also mimic stone, many will often select the plank form because of the larger format and fewer seams.

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LVP: best of both worlds

The product is as functional as it is visually appealing. Benefits include:

  • Durability. Vinyl, in and of itself, is durable, but this product is layered. At the very top if a clear plastic wear layer that protects the floor from scratches and keeps it waterproof. Stains wipe up easily. LVP is so durable and waterproof it’s often recommended as a kid-and-pet-friendly material. We know someone who has it with three dogs and two kids!
  • Easy to maintain. All it takes is a daily sweep and a periodic mopping.
  • Easy installation. LVP DIY-friendly. With a few exceptions, this floats over most existing floors and the pieces just click together.

If installing yourself, be sure to read the manufacturer's manual thoroughly. Follow directions exactly to protect your warranty.