Can carpet make my room look bigger?

Yes, it can, especially when it’s wall-to-wall. Because that version has fewer seams, there are no visual breaks. Therefore, the room will look larger to the eye. Savon Flooring has been servicing San Diego County for over 13 years and we pride ourselves that we’re often referred to as a "hidden gem," carrying some of the top names in the industry, from Mohawk to Marazzi and Cambria Quartz to US Floors and more. Despite some of the debate between designers’ carpet flooring is, and will always be, a top seller. It’s warm, stylish and luxurious. When taken care of properly, it’ll last for years. Come in to see our large inventory in our carpet flooring store within our showroom in San Diego County. We're located right next to the Mohnackey Animal Hospital on CA-78.

What if I have allergies and asthma?

We hear this question a lot, and you might be surprised to know that carpet flooring can help these conditions and improve indoor air quality. That's because dust mites, pollutants, and particles get trapped in the fibers. They don't fly around in the air, remaining confined until the carpet is deep cleaned professionally (many warranties stipulate that this should be done every 12 to 18 months). While vacuuming is great, and we encourage it several times a week, it only removes the surface dirt.

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Other things to know about carpet

  • It's available in all colors, styles, patterns, and designs. The shag, with its iconic 1970s gold, green and brown hues, expanded the color palette in the 2000s. Now you can get them in every color from purple to red to black, with multi-colors.
  • Density, not thickness, determines quality. When you shop, bend back a sample card. If you see a lot of white space it means the fibers aren’t tufted closely together and the rug isn't the best quality. Sometimes it can be thin, but have a high density; alternatively, thick rugs won't work in some spaces, such as on the stairs.
  • It insulates against noise. The fabric soaks up the vibrations, so it muffles footsteps and beeping devices.
  • Technology is always making it evolve, whether it’s style or function. New colors and digital patterning make it so that the design goes all the way through the fiber; previously, it was only at the tips. Their carpet is flooring that is extra durable if you have pets, with the stain resistance is built right into the fiber.