Why you'll change your mind about laminate

How times have changed! Today’s laminate flooring isn't your grandmother's when it had flat images and a lack of design elements. Savon Flooring has been servicing San Diego County for over 13 years. We pride ourselves on often being referred to as a "hidden gem" who carries some of the top names in the industry, from Mohawk to Marazzi and Cambria Quartz to US Floors and more. We handle projects of all sizes, all budgets and are a laminate flooring retailer. Come in to see our laminate flooring store in our showroom in San Diego County. We're located right next to the Mohnackey Animal Hospital on CA-78.

The laminate basics

Laminate flooring consists of several layers, an underlayment, core, photographic image and top wear sheet that protects the floor. Thanks to high definition photography, the images are sharp and accurate; you will see every knot, raised grain and swirl in the photo. Embossing gives dimension and depth. It provides texturing for a hand-scraped, wire-brushed, distressed, or antiqued appearance. The material is available in sheet or cut into tile-sized pieces or planks. Whichever form you choose, you'll be offered a wide array of colors, patterns, species, and designs. You’ll be able to experience every trending look, from the light gray floors/farmhouse look to rustic oaks to colorful retro.

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Other benefits include

  • Durability. At the very top is a clear wear layer, coated with ultra-strong aluminum oxide. It protects the floor from scratches and stains and makes it impossible to "walk-off" the image layer. Laminate is considered to be one of the most kid-and-pet-friendly materials because it can stand up to anything.
  • Easy to maintain. All that’s required is regular sweeping. Fora more thorough cleaning, mop with water and a manufacturer-approved cleaner.
  • Easy installation. It "floats" right over most existing floors, and the pieces just click together or can be glued, if you prefer
  • Affordability. It’s the look of wood, tile, or stone at a much more budget-friendly price.
  • Reduces noise. That’s because the underlayment soaks up the vibrations. Many come with an underlayment already pre-attached but if yours doesn't, it’s recommended to buy one.

Keep in mind that it is made from wood byproducts, so it can be damaged by excessive water. Wipe spills immediately and install pieces very tightly so liquid can’t get between the joists.